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MONTH OF September

For the better part of this month, you’re in “focus mode,” even a bit of a fall hibernation. Don’t worry, Aquarius: It’s temporary! The Sun is in Virgo and your private, intimate eighth house until September 22, You may have merging on your mind in the form of a joint business venture or a relationship on the verge of going to the next level of officialness. Accelerator Mars is also in Virgo until September 14, which could make you feel equally motivated AND pressured around money, intimate relationships and any kind of permanent joining of forces. Hey, you’re an independent Aquarius—going this deep with people is not something you do lightly!


Do take your time because all five of the slow-moving outer planets (Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto) are retrograde this month, an ideal time to step back and examine the big picture rather than rushing into anything binding. You’ll get help with that when the Sun moves into Libra and your visionary ninth house for a month this September 22, helping you take a wide-angle view of everything. 


With Mercury, the planet of communication, technology and contracts, turning retrograde from September 27 to October 18, you’ll need to be extra careful about what you say, send and post. Although this can be a helpful time to clear the air, you could also utter words that you regret, especially if you get overly candid. Silence (or at least, some restraint) is golden as September closes out.


The Sun is in Virgo until September 22

Resist the back-to-school rush, Aquarius. This month finds you feeling more private and internal as the Sun grooves through Virgo and your intimate eighth house until September 22. Your energy is best focused on one particular person or project since Virgo season sharpens your powers of concentration. Of course, your naturally social personality doesn’t exactly operate like this. Adopt a “quality over quantity” approach and choose your RSVPs accordingly. You don’t have to be at every industry cocktail party or welcome-to-fall gathering—especially when the real “pumpkin spice” is likely to happen behind closed doors!


Mars is busy in the first week of September

Don’t force yourself to go public with a big reveal yet, Aquarius. Charismatic Mars is playing coquette until September 14, flying under the radar by hanging out in Virgo and your secretive, intimate eighth house. During the first week of the month, Mars will make two key contacts that could impact your money and relationships.


On September 2, Mars will oppose illusory Neptune. While you don’t have to be completely opaque, dropping little hints will whet people’s appetites for more—whether you’re debuting a new project or testing the waters of an attraction. Tease ’em with a sneak preview. If someone is being evasive with you, don’t assume they’re untrustworthy. Maybe they just don’t feel comfortable enough to tell you their whole life story. Give things time to develop at a natural pace. 


Got questions about a potential joint venture or a shared work project? This isn’t necessarily the day to confront anyone and demand a straight answer. Not only will that elicit a negative response, it won’t even work. Try subtly getting someone to show their hand—or just save the conversation for another day.


Catch a wave on the emotion ocean this September 6, when an expansive trine between Mars and transformative Pluto in the most intimate areas of your chart makes it impossible to hide your deepest feelings. Letting down your guard and staying open to how people react could lead to a powerful bonding experience. Being vulnerable isn’t only okay; it’s where the magic happens. If you have a hunch or an unshakeable sense of deja vu, see where it takes you!


The September 6 Virgo new moon boosts your intimate bonds

Time to go a level deeper or to make things official? On September 6, the year’s only Virgo new moon turns the page on a potent new chapter in your eighth house of intimacy, shared finances and investments. Got the urge to merge? Follow that hunch—and don’t be surprised if cuffing season starts early this year, especially under these erotic moonbeams! A promising business partnership could also arise today, especially one that offers a chance to merge your superpowers for mutual gain. Developments could take until the Virgo full moon in March 2022 to fully unfold, so start exploring now.


And lean in to your inner circle! This new moon issues a reminder: You don’t have to do it by yourself! You can be a proud sign that doesn’t ask for support—that is, until you reach a near-meltdown…and your entire social media feed is filled with Vaguebooking messages that bring everyone rushing in for the save. But why let things get to that point, Aquarius? Be proactive and create a support system so you don’t need to send out an SOS. Organize a rideshare or co-op babysitting; outsource part of a project to a specialist. There’s a saying: “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.”


Mars enters Libra on September 14, bringing rapid and exciting growth

Get ready for adventure! On September 14, energizer Mars lightens the heck up as it exits Virgo and your tunnel-vision zone and soars into Libra and your ninth house of personal growth, optimism and limitless possibilities. Now that’s more like it! Every two years, the red planet arrives to ramp up your excitement to triple-exclamation-point levels—and here it is!!! 


Never mind waiting for the holidays to travel. With tighter Covid restrictions forthcoming as the weather cools AND with Mars in this globetrotting zone, the chance for a spontaneous getaway could pop up unexpectedly. If you’re not up for making a journey, open your channels to visionary business partnerships and friendships in far-flung locales. You want anything but “business as usual” now, making this a stellar time to launch an indie business, sign up for a workshop or class, or to expand your mind by exploring new metaphysical ideas. Shift your perspective on the world and watch yourself attract a whole different set of results.


That said, it won’t be all “love and light” this go-round. Mars is in “detriment” ( in Libra because the warrior planet isn’t exactly comfy in the sign of peace. You may need to pace yourself a bit, but don’t worry—this bounty of opportunities will offer more than you can humanly handle anyhow.


The Pisces full moon on September 20 spotlights money!

Weigh anchor for a minute, Aquarius, and let’s talk about your fall finances. The September 20 full moon appears in Pisces and your grounded second house. Your attention turns to your budget and your bottom line, as well as fresh opportunities to rev up revenue. The full moon could bring a moment of clarity, a chance to prioritize and make an action plan. If you’ve been waiting for word on finances or work, you could finally hear concrete news about a promotion or a new gig. Keep your antennae up too! This full moon can also bring a confidence boost when you need it most. Don’t wait for other people to call the shots or make a decision for you. Be firm and self-authorized today, Aquarius and lean in to leadership. If nobody steps up to the plate then…tag, you’re it!


Libra season starts September 22

A taste of the freedom you’re craving arrives on September 22, when the Sun soars into Libra and your ninth house of travel, expansion and adventure for a month. Now you can pull yourself out of tunnel-vision mode and see the big picture again. An endeavor that involves higher education, a startup business or media and publishing could be the focus of your efforts.


Mercury is retrograde in Libra on September 27

Not so fast though! Mercury—the planet of communiclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” cation, technology and travel—will turn retrograde in Libra from September 27 until October 18. In this outspoken zone of your chart, you’re doubly prone to putting your foot in your mouth or being wildly misunderstood. Choose your words (and posts) with the utmost care. Book any holiday travel plans before Mercury’s mischief kicks in, especially since Libra rules your ninth house of getaways. 



In the first half of the month, sexy Mars is in Virgo, heating up your erotic eighth house. This is a boon for your boudoir, but be careful: The red planet here can ramp up jealousy and possessiveness, inviting the green-eyed monster for a visit. 


Romance may speak another dialect besides just the “language of love” this month, Aquarius! With Venus soaring through Libra and your ninth house of travel and expansion until September 10, colorful destinations and high adventure are calling your name. On September 14, Mars picks up the mantle, moving into Libra until October 30. 


If you’re single, this is a great time to book a solo trip that widens your cultural horizons and refreshes your perspective after a tough couple years. Closer to home, you could be attracted to someone from a different background. Couples with the ability to travel together now can rekindle the romantic sparks simply by being out of your usual environment. Can’t get away? Sign up for a mind-expanding workshop or course together. 


This is also your “truth-telling” corner, and Mars here can make you outspoken and opinionated. Be careful not to come off as a know-it-all or to “coach” your partner—especially if they haven’t asked for help. Playing the proverbial field? You could catch an acute case of grass-is-greener syndrome and have a hard time making up your mind about who to choose. (Too much of a good thing? May the best contender win!)


On September 10, Venus enters Scorpio and your future-focused tenth house until October 7. While this three-week transit should increase your creativity and productive professional networking, it’s also turning your attention to your romantic pursuits and where things are going (or NOT going). With the gentle yet ambitious love planet in your goal-driven sector, singles will be more interested in serious contenders or prospects who could have longevity. You won’t be happy with the tortured-soul types now. Couples can deepen their bond by setting some shared goals and mapping out next steps—no pressure or guilt-tripping necessary!



Finances are a strong focus this month as the Sun visits Virgo and your eighth house of long-term wealth and joint ventures. Look for ways you can consolidate cash by teaming up with others for a win-win, from shared childcare and rides to food co-ops to earning loyalty points when you shop at a certain store. Larger investments could be in your viewfinder as well, and you could explore everything from real estate to cryptocurrency, especially at the September 6 Virgo new moon, which gets a supportive beam from your ruler, technological Uranus. The September 20 Pisces full moon spotlights your second house of earned income and day-to-day expenses. Examine your budget and make adjustments to your schedule and spending habits. These seemingly small changes can really add up, helping you become a better steward of your resources. 


Love Days: 26, 4

Money Days: 11, 19

Luck Days: 8, 17

Off Days: 29, 6, 15









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