OnX Offroad Debuts Android Auto and (Soon) Apple CarPlay Compatibility

Overlanding—or extreme car camping for those who like to push their vehicles to the limit—has exploded in the last few years. Outdoor adventurers who want to take their rigs deep into the backcountry now have a plethora of gear options for their trucks to make visiting spots way off the beaten road easier and safer than ever.

One of the main challenges with overlanding, especially in population-dense areas, is finding legally accessible trails and roads that are actually worth taking. Here’s where an off-road navigation app like OnX Offroad becomes an essential piece of digital kit for the adventurous overlander. OnX’s latest update makes this navigation app—currently compatible with Android Auto, and with an Apple CarPlay version arriving at the end of 2021—easier than ever.

“The most common question any overlander asks is, ‘Where can I go?’—and the OnX Offroad mobile app answers this question,” says OnX Offroad general manager Rory Edwards. “We wanted to go one step further and enhance the driver experience in real time. Now drivers can see everything they need while they’re on the trail—utilizing modern technology already in their vehicle’s dashboard.”

Go farther into the backcountry with overlanding essential Onx's new Android and Apple compatible app.
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OnX Offroad members can now access over 550,000 miles of motorized trails and 852 million acres of public land from their truck’s dash, using the touchscreen infotainment system standard in most modern vehicles. Once the CarPlay app is released in about a month, an in-dash routing feature compatible with smartphone software from both major brands will let you select a waypoint, trail, or location—and then OnX Offroad will deliver turn-by-turn directions to get you and your rig there safely and efficiently through the in-dash app.

By early 2022, OnX will be adding another cool feature called Route Builder. This will enable overlanders to create their own specific routes, combining dirt trails and scenic routes for an adventure that can then be shared with friends.

“Clear and concise on-trail direction is a major pain point for everyone, and goes back to passengers trying to read a map while bouncing down the trail,” says Rory. “The future is going to be Route Builder paired with these in-dash display systems.

“Our ability to seamlessly route users from trail to trail—even over sections of pavement—will make for a safer and more enjoyable time out exploring,” Rory adds. “The days of second guessing your co-pilot, having to switch between apps, double checking your location, and only operating in places with cell service will all be behind us.”

Go farther into the backcountry with overlanding essential Onx's new Android and Apple compatible app.
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Currently, OnX Offroad is available in three levels. A Free option allows you to access satellite, topo, and hybrid basemaps, as well as custom waypoints, localized weather, and synching to the cloud. OnX’s Premium membership ($29.99 annually) adds unlimited offline maps and public land boundaries, plus access to over 550,000 miles of motorized roads and trails, along with features like trail duration and description, difficulty ratings, obstacle photos and 3D maps. For $99.99 per year, OnX’s Elite membership unlocks all Premium features in addition to private land ownership information.

The new Android Auto integration will be available for Premium and Elite members, and also for a free seven-day trial. Those who use Apple CarPlay will be able to access OnX Offroad at membership level—including the free service.

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