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For the first three weeks of the month, your life is all about priorities: getting clear on them and then taking the necessary steps to get the job done. While this may seem like a relatively mundane focus for the holiday season, the Sun’s visit to Sagittarius through December 21 finds you eager to get your ducks in a row. Bonus: Whittling through your year-end tasks will help you avoid some of the emotional landmines that seem to go hand-in-hand with this time of year. 


You’ll get a burst of momentum at the December 4 Sagittarius solar eclipse, which could inspire an early New Year’s wellness kick or a major decluttering bender. And with foggy Neptune ending a five-month retrograde in Pisces and your expansive ninth house on December 1, you might even get a surprise opportunity to (safely) travel. A stalled entrepreneurial or educational venture could pick up speed again.


On December 21, Capricorn season begins, and the Sun will move into your partnership zone for a month. Normally this makes the holidays extra-cozy, but this year may be a bit tricky. Like a Grinch stealing Christmas, Venus, the planet of love and friendship, turns retrograde in Capricorn from December 19 to January 29. And on Christmas Eve, we’ll all deal with a third and final showdown between rigid Saturn and rabble-rouser Uranus. You may need to exit stage left if chaos erupts or if someone’s controlling tendencies flare up in an inappropriate way. 


This “extra-ness” is not what anyone needs, especially during another pandemic-holiday overlap. Avoidance may just be your best co-pilot when it comes to seasonal plans this year. Keep it simple and go minimalist—including with your guest list.With fortunate Jupiter entering Pisces and your lucky ninth house on December 28, you can look ahead to four months of inspiration, major personal growth and vibrant opportunities. With so much positivity on the horizon, who has time for drama? Certainly not you!



The Sun is in Sagittarius until December 21

Hello, organizational whirlwind! Until December 21, the Sun is in Sagittarius, your meticulous and efficient sixth house. You’re all fired up to handle the finer details in your life, whether by tending to your workout schedule or cleaning out that pile in your inbox. Getting your life under control can help you achieve your larger aims in the world, not to mention bring you peace of mind. Use this time to tackle a few lingering tasks, including decluttering projects. Since the sixth house rules helpful people, enlist the support of a professional or a virtual expert to help you get the job done. 



The December 4 Sagittarius solar eclipse helps you get your life into shape

Order in the Cancerian court! The December 4 Sagittarius new moon arrives as a potent solar eclipse, sweeping into your sixth house of health and organization. This is the grand finale in an eclipse series that’s spread across the Gemini/Sagittarius axis since May 5, 2020, touching down in your (Gemini-ruled) twelfth house of healing and closure and your (Sagittarius-governed) wellness sector. You may have spent the last 18 months improving your habits, making your workflows more efficient and getting every part of your life back in shape. 


This epic cycle closes out with a fourth Sagittarius eclipse, prompting one last push to start a new chapter that prioritizes self-care and your own mental, emotional and physical health. For clues of what may come together now, look to the previous three Sagittarius eclipses, which were on June 4 and December 14, 2020, and May 26, 2021. Any shake-ups or changes from those times could start to make sense. Maybe you were bearing too much of the load yourself or working away on a project that made you unhappy. These eclipses swept in to show you that suffering is optional and to open your mind to seeing a situation another way.


One Cancer friend of ours has a great (on paper) and well-paying job in her field. But her office duties were making her miserable. Between eclipses, she configured a new role for herself, freeing herself from the inefficient department she was in and moving into a management role, where she could express her natural creativity and use her talent for motivating people. She’s now producing great results, and everyone’s happy. At this December 4 eclipse, think how YOU might rewrite your job description for greater satisfaction—and get a meeting with any decision makers on the books! And if you could use more support, ask for it. The sixth house rules helpful people and employees. Stock your Cancer dream team with some new star players!



Passion and tempers erupt at the December 8 Mars-Jupiter square

Have personal interactions felt extra-charged lately, or are you struggling to keep a lid on the drama? Before you go pointing the finger at anyone else, stop and take a look in the mirror. Today, passionate Mars in your theatrical fifth house head-butts supersizer Jupiter in your zone of intense emotions. Have you unknowingly been stirring things up with a love interest or someone else very close to you? Own it, apologize if necessary, then move on—in a calm, cool and collected way. Your jealous tendencies could spiral out of control today, tempting you to act compulsively on raw feelings. While it’s good to get something off your chest, a public blowup probably isn’t the best forum. Rise above, and if you can’t do that, exit stage left until you can get a grip.



The December 18 Gemini full moon sounds the call for closure

What are you holding onto, Cancer? It’s time to let it go, ready or not. On December 18, the final full moon of 2021 arrives in Gemini, activating your twelfth house of endings and release. A chapter of your life could reach a point of transition. Is it time to dive into the depths…or let something go? This energy has been building up for the past six months, and it’s extra powerful since it dates back to the June 10 Gemini new moon, which was a potent solar eclipse. 


If you’ve been unsure of whether to stick around or move on, you’ll get a big push in one direction now. But if you don’t see a clear signal, sleep on it! With this full moon activating your subconscious, your dreams could be prophetic, possibly offering helpful clues that firm up your decision. 


With expansive and philosophical Jupiter forming a helpful trine from your insightful eighth house, you could get a major intuitive download today. All the more reason to carve out some pre-holiday quiet time so you can get in touch with deeper feelings that need to be processed. A “silent night” of meditation, journaling or doing something creative could spark an epiphany that helps you make an important transition with peace.



Capricorn season starts December 21

Tantalizing twosomes? On December 21, the Sun moves into Capricorn, your seventh house of committed relationships. Things could start to get serious with a partner (or would-be partner). If you’re ready to make things official over the holidays, this could be the moment—or at least, the right time to start talking about it. You might also cement a business alliance or start negotiating a contract. Take your time to make sure everything feels fair to both parties before you ink it. But do open your mind to the possibilities of expansion when you join forces with a kindred spirit!


One caveat: Capricorn is your opposite sign, and with the Sun at its farthest distance from your zodiac sign, your “solar power” could be low. All the more reason to lean on a supportive person or two in your circle. Chances are they owe you one, Crab, so don’t hesitate to ask for the help you need!



But…love planet Venus turns retrograde in Capricorn December 19 to January 29

From December 19 to January 29, love planet Venus goes retrograde (backward)—a notoriously tricky time for couples or love—in Capricorn and your partnership house. The planet of harmony marching backward doesn’t exactly bode well for the “peace on earth” vibe of this season. However, as with all so-called tricky transits, your best bet is to get centered and ask what you’re supposed to be learning or accomplishing. In this case, you probably have some interpersonal issues that need to be dealt with—finally. Use this time to do some relationship repair or to get closure with a past love that might be blocking you from moving forward.


Venus retrograde returns to the same zodiac sign every eight years; the last Capricorn cycle was in December 2013. Look back to that time for themes that could emerge again. Venus retrograde periods can famously bring back ex-loves, especially if you have unfinished business. Is it time to create closure…or perhaps give this thing another shot?



The final Saturn-Uranus square of 2021 shakes things up on December 24

Christmas Eve coincides with one of 2021’s most intense transits, one that could bring you to a decision point around a key relationship or financial matter. Where should you invest, Cancer? That goes for your time, energy and emotions.

Here’s what will happen: On December 24, the stars serve up the last of this year’s three challenging Saturn-Uranus 90-degree squares. On February 17 and June 14, rules-obsessed Saturn (in Aquarius and your intimacy house) and rule-breaker Uranus (in Taurus and your collaboration sector) formed the first two, with the final installment arriving on December 24.

This dynamic mashup provoked sudden change, waking you up to your power and impact. But there’s a good chance it redirected your big plans, possibly in an extreme way! All year long, these Saturn-Uranus squares have been making you run hot and cold about a certain person or project. One minute, you wanted to go “all in” and the next, you felt stifled and suffocated.

With structured Saturn in your zone of intimacy and investments, there’s been a strong push to make things official, power-couple-style. But freedom-seeking Uranus in your liberated eleventh house has a completely opposite agenda. In 2021, you’ve spent a lot of time negotiating these dueling desires. Even Crabs in the happiest unions felt an irrepressible itch to have more autonomy. Others may have felt jealous or threatened if a partner attempted to lengthen their own leash. Now, as we reach the final square of the year, you’re far better equipped to strike a balance.


And because the eighth house also rules long-term finances, investments have offered some juicy opportunities in 2021. If you’re considering diversifying your portfolio, you might do some research on emerging markets or cryptocurrency (the domain of innovative Uranus and your tech-savvy eleventh house). This would not be the time to bet everything on one “horse.” But if you’re relying on traditional long-term-wealth strategies like stocks, real estate or stashing cash in the bank, this Saturn-Uranus square could abruptly spark the urge to take a chance on something different. Stay in the realm of “measured risks” and avoid gambling—but open your mind to a new approach, especially if you find yourself flush with a little extra Christmas cash. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!


Jupiter returns to Pisces on December 28

Set your sights on adventure! On December 28, lucky Jupiter will makes its second of three auspicious visits to Pisces, staying until May 10, 2022. The cosmic maximalist has been spending last few months in Aquarius and your intimate, privacy-seeking eighth house. That might have been great for your sex life or brought amazing returns on a financial investment. But you’ve probably spent a lot more time in your metaphorical Crab shell, processing emotions and connecting to your inner strength. (All good things!) A relationship may have gotten super-serious, or maybe you found the resilience to let go of an outmoded connection and break free from a toxic dynamic.


Now, wide horizons await as Jupiter reenters Pisces and your ninth house of adventure, entrepreneurship and novelty. Travel could be part of the picture over the next four months, or at least, working with people remotely over long distance, given the new Covid variant. You could pursue an entrepreneurial venture, return to school or consider moving to a far-flung locale.


Jupiter normally stays in one sign for about a year, but in 2021 and 2022, its trajectory has been to weave between a couple different signs. Jupiter’s first visit to Pisces was from May 13 to July 28, 2021. Look back to the spring and summer for clues of what could be ahead as the calendar turns!

New Year’s Eve: Toast to good health with your favorite people.

Good health is at the top of most people’s lists for 2022, and your wellness goals get plenty of cosmic support this New Year’s Eve as the moon makes its second visit to Sagittarius. You might prefer to ring in 2022 with a sparkling beverage or play mixologist and try a “shrub cocktailclass=”body-el-link standard-body-el-link” ” with one of these “drinking vinegars” recipes


Four planets are in Capricorn on New Year’s Eve too, lighting up your partnership house. Curate a guest list with your most important people—or maybe just one special person. With Venus retrograde, avoid any overly complicated plans that could cause stress or strife. And if your famous Cancer intuition is flashing a yellow warning light about anyone, listen to your gut and rsvp “no” to their gatherings. The mandate as you close out 2021: Trusted and verified loved ones only! 



Hang the (mask-friendly) mistletoe early this month, Cancer. Lusty Mars is trekking through Scorpio and your passionate fifth house until December 13, a once-every-two-years visit that amps up your confidence and charisma—along with your libido. If you’re turning heads and attracting admirers with little effort, no surprise. Mars in this playful and pleasure-driven zone amplifies your appeal. For couples, it’s a great time to (safely) make the holiday rounds.


Meanwhile, love planet Venus is paying an extra-long visit to Capricorn and your seventh house of committed relationships, from November 5 until March 6. One of those flirty, just-for-fun prospects could actually turn serious, especially once Capricorn season begins on December 21.


But pause before making any big moves. From December 19 to January 29, Venus will be retrograde (backward) in Capricorn, a tricky cycle that happens every 18 months, disrupting the harmony of your bonds and possibly bringing an ex back into the picture. With Venus retrograde in your relationship house, the holidays could see you renewing vows, reuniting with an old flame or repairing your current relationship. Even if you’re perfectly content, you might find yourself reassessing certain dynamics that could be tweaked to make your love life even happier. If single, you might want to review some of your dating habits and see where change could be made. (Let’s not forget Albert Einstein’s definition of insanity: “Doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.”)


Some couples might take a hiatus, get into therapy or even separate for the short-term. Others who have skimmed the surface of really dealing with issues may find that confronting the cracks in your relationship’s foundation together can bring you closer together as a couple. The goal is not to be “perfect” with no problems but rather to face those problems gracefully and effectively together. With affectionate Venus in this committed zone of your chart until March 6, you’ll have plenty of time next year to rebuild or to take your newfound insights about love and apply them to the dating game.



Time to try a new approach? Not only is the Sun in Sagittarius and your sixth house of systems, organization and helpful people, but there’s a December 4 solar eclipse here, which will push you to make a change. Are you still using outmoded software or keeping track of things in an inefficient way? Doing everything yourself instead of asking for help? The eclipse will demand that you stop overfunctioning (and, as a likely result, underearning or struggling) and bring in some better support! When activator Mars moves into Sagittarius from December 13 to January 24, you’ll get really revved up for this mission. Is there something (or someone) that it’s time to release? The December 18 Gemini full moon beams into your twelfth house of closure and transitions, illuminating where you can make space for something new—just in time for 2022. Meantime, a Saturn-Uranus square, which reaches full tilt on December 24, has you seriously rethinking your investments. Align with cutting-edge collaborators and stay open to new approaches for making your money work harder for you. 


Love Days: 29, 6

Money Days: 12, 22

Luck Days: 19, 10

Off Days: 17, 4, 8


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